The art of coffee making in Bin Caffè courses

Coffee making is science and art, where traditional recipes and techniques marry contemporary aesthetic research.

In a good coffee there is knowledge and experience, which is why, for more than two decades, Bin Caffè has been helping coffee specialists and client companies grow by offering free training courses by its trainers.

The courses are useful for learning the basics and perfecting technique, while keeping the evolution of taste and consumer expectations central, in order to satisfy their every request and amaze them with unique creations.

The Bin Caffè training area offers:

  • Proficient espresso and cappuccino course: properly cleaning the dispensers, managing the grinding and brewing of coffee, perfecting the whipping and pouring of milk cream are solid foundations to acquire in order to expand one’s knowledge. This course is also preparatory to the basic latte art course..

  • Basic latte art course: once you have studied espresso and cappuccino preparation, you can explore your creativity by learning the basics of latte art and trying your hand at decorating with a nib to create simple shapes such as butterflies, flowers and animals.

  • Advanced latte art course: when the basic techniques of latte art have no more secrets, it’s time to create freehand leaves, tulips, vortex and reverse, learning to analyse contrasts and patterns and handle the cup with control while pouring

  • Filter Coffee Course: Bin Caffè’s proposal for the V60 method is just one of the protagonists of this in-depth course that analyses the variables involved and provides important tips for preparing filter coffee according to one’s needs.

  • Cold brew course: cold brew coffee is a fantastic beverage that appeals to many environments, from mixology to cooking. In this course you can learn cold brew extraction techniques and learn how to compose drinks and bar ideas.

  • Coffee menu course: From the great classics such as Moroccan coffee, mochaccino and shaken coffee to more contemporary offerings, including flavoured espressos and cold creams, the course dispels any doubts about the art of coffee making.

Participants receive a certificate of attendance, demonstrating the barista’s curiosity and commitment to getting involved and learning. In addition, upon request, it is possible to take an exam to thus obtain a diploma attesting to the skills acquired.

The bartender who has attended Bin Caffè courses will know how to present classic and modern preparations, offering their customers refined drinks.

Bin Caffè is waiting for you to share moments of exchange, ideas and art.