Blooming of taste with Bin Caffè’s new Crema Fredda

The summer season can only open with a blossoming of novelties at Bin Caffè. The summer season can only open with a blossoming of novelties at Bin Caffè. It is with an even more intense aroma that the Treviso-based company launches its 2022 version Crema Fredda (cold cream) on the market.

Available in the best coffee bars and businesses under the Bin Caffè brand, the Crema Fredda knows how to conquer connoisseurs looking for the taste and quality of Italian coffee, even in the hottest periods of the year. Highly digestible, low sugar and lactose-free makes it a perfect alternative to the classic cup of coffee for a light and tasty break.

“Over the years, our production method has always focused on offering new flavours and placing consumer preferences at the centre of our research,” says Alessandro Bianchin, CEO of Bin Caffè. –in order to obtain a recipe able to win over the public, knowledge of the product is fundamental. You cannot neglect the careful selection of coffee beans nor the professional choices needed to be made during the manufacturing processes.”

Founded in 1954 from Natale Bianchin’s experience in the art of coffee roasting and successfully managed today by his son Alessandro, Bin Caffè combines experience, tradition, innovation and intuition. The company has given life to a variety of excellent products, recognised by businesses throughout Treviso and the Veneto region. From classic blends to new offerings bringing contemporary taste to life, Bin Caffè is able to satisfy the most diverse demands and carefully respond to the specific needs of each establishment. 

In order to serve the Crema Fredda Bin Caffè will offer baristas the professional slush maker.