Bin caffè: The Coffee Sounds Experience

The ritual of espresso begins even before you smell the aroma.

The grinding of the beans, the coffee flowing into the cup, the pleasant background chatter in the coffee bars. All these sounds that invite us first to celebrate our personal experience in “My World of coffee”.

From this awareness was born “The Coffee sounds experience”, the first Bin Caffè branded video where those special sounds that the Barista recognizes during espresso preparation are collected and enhanced.

In search of an emotional and sensitive fourth dimension, Bin Caffè celebrates the ritual of conviviality in all its essence. Now also musically.

The sensorial pleasure from coffee is not only through smell, taste and sight. A background of sounds subconsciously stimulates our hearing and invites us first to celebrate symphonies of contrasts and aromas. Why not enhance it?.

Discover in the video the rhythms of espresso to fully enjoy your new sensory experience in a Bin Caffè bar.

Made of careful combinations, each Diamante blend reserves an element of surprise, evoking the taste of a modern and contemporary clientele. For a break of instant pleasure to savor..