Plant-based milk alternatives: everyone can enjoy their Bin coffee

Alone or in company, at any time of the day, Bin coffee, in its different variations, is an indispensable pleasure, even for those with allergies or intolerances to cow’s milk, or who follow a plant-based diet.

Thanks to plant-based beverages, made of legumes or grains, everyone can enjoy a good coffee and serenely experience convivial moments.

Let’s discover the most common plant-based drinks:

Soy milk
Of all the plant-based drinks available, soy milk is the favorite among consumers. It is also the most similar to cow’s milk in terms of protein content. It represents an excellent choice in case of a nut allergy. The taste may be more or less sweet, depending on the presence or absence of sugar.

Oat milk
Oat milk, with a neutral and mild taste, does not cover the aroma of coffee much and is therefore suitable for various preparations, being very digestible. It is usually easy to whip (depending on the manufacturer, and sometimes even easier than cow’s milk), creating just the right volume for excellent cappuccino foam.

Almond milk
With an unmistakable sweet and aromatic flavor, almond milk, already the protagonist of coffee preparations, such as the typical Leccese coffee, gives an enveloping note to macchiato coffees, lattes, and cold drinks.

Rice milk
Rice milk is very light and delicate, which is why it is excellent for staining coffee without weighing it down. However, because it lacks air-holding proteins, it does not create the silky cream typical of drinks such as cappuccino and is therefore less suitable in these preparations.

Coconut milk
The tropical, fresh aftertaste and the texture given by the fats it contains make coconut milk a favorite for those who, especially in the summertime, like to experiment with intriguing and unusual flavors.

Even for those who can’t or don’t want to consume cow’s milk, there is no shortage of choice: don’t give up your favorite Bin offerings, rely on your trusted Bin barista and enjoy a great milk-free coffee!