Miscela Diamante: the highest expression of Bin Caffè's quality

Just like the most precious stone, the Miscela Diamante blend is the highest expression of Bin Caffè’s quality. An aroma that tells a story, that of careful selection and a production process in which every stage is scrupulously followed by a team of professionals and state-of-the-art technology.

Only the finest Arabica and Robusta beans, capable of ensuring the highest quality, will give life to the five Diamante blends, providing pleasant sensory experiences.

Diamante Classic: a blend characterized by balance and a perfectly balanced taste, an excellent starting point.

Diamante Strong: the most suitable for catering, it is full-bodied and intense, able to evoke stronger sensations.

Diamante Mild: excellent for those who like to be won over by softer, rounder aromatic notes, it is perfect for enriching pastry preparations.

Diamante Cento: the blend created thanks to the company’s technological advancement, which has made it possible to obtain a 100% Arabica espresso with a sweet and enveloping aroma.

Diamante Decaffeinated: produced from Diamante Classic, keeping its quality and flavor unaltered, it undergoes a decaffeination process to guarantee everyone the experience of an excellent coffee.

Different blends, different recipes, different roasts, one trait d’union: quality and accuracy in the selection and at every stage of production, from the plantation overseas to the steaming cup served in Bin Caffè bars. The Diamante blend is the result of dedication, perseverance and industriousness, a celebration of the spirit of the ancient Venetian roasting company Bin caffè, which has always transformed the best raw materials into products that interpret contemporary tastes.