Espressi aromatizzati: our suggestion for a delicious break!

Great at the end of a meal to satisfy the desire for dessert or an afternoon cuddle on autumn and winter afternoons: our Espressi aromatizzati (Flavoured espressos) are the mouth-watering alternative to the classic espresso, perfect for any time of day.

In these offerings, born out of our experience and creativity, espresso meets delicious layers of sweetness accompanied by fluffy whipped cream or milk cream and a generous sprinkling of nut crumbs or cocoa.

Together they create a balanced interplay of contrasts and textures, presented in an elegant small glass.

A satisfying experience in sight and taste!

From the most enveloping proposals in the name of sweetness, to the most intriguing combinations for the most demanding palates, we present the flavours of our five flavoured Espressos:

Vanilla and cocoa release an intoxicating fragrance, Caramel and cocoa sweetly seduce the palate, Chocolate and hazelnut crumbs give a boost of energy, Hazelnut and coffee beans satisfy with a combination of textures, and Zabaione and hazelnut crumbs satisfy the most discerning palates.

All of our Espressi aromatizzati share the quality of our coffee, made from the finest blends of Arabica and Robusta of the finest qualities.

Try them now in Bin Caffè cafes and treat yourself to a cozy break or a delicious after-meal treat!