Earth Day 2023

On the occasion of World Earth Day 2023, we are pleased to collaborate on one of the initiatives to raise awareness about environmental sustainability and the preservation of our planet.

Let’s raise everyone’s awareness to take care of the environment, for a greener and more ethical future. Bin caffè’s business philosophy, which is sensitive to these issues, is also based on human value, balance, respect for countries of origin and quality raw material.

This is why we have chosen to support Treedom, the Italian online platform that allows people to plant trees remotely in lands of rural communities (including those from which our coffees come) that will take care of them, witnessing their growth.

Each tree planted with Treedom has its own Diary, an online page where you can discover the characteristics and follow the story of the project of which it is a part. In over ten years, Treedom, through agroforestry projects, has planted more than 3,000,000 trees in Italy, Africa, Asia and Latin America, with clear environmental and social benefits.

On this important day, we will contribute to the planting of trees in Kenya, Malawi, Ghana, Colombia and Madagascar that together have an absorption capacity of more than 23,500 kg of Co2 and will help support local communities.

Part of these trees will also be donated to our employees, to make them participate not only in this Day, but in a path of caring for the environment and social responsibility.

Bin caffè for Treedom: with every tree, a greener future!