Bin Caffè, the “Fondatore” Blend is born

With the birth of the Fondatore blend, Bin Caffè innovatively brings its tradition to the modern consumer. Strengthened by its growth goals, the company aims to expand to new sales markets in order to support the proven quality of its products and win over an increasingly knowledgeable consumer.

The new 100% Arabica label will be sold to the public in 250 g packs for moka pots at the Bin Caffè coffee bars in Veneto. With an intense, sweet and full-bodied aroma, the Fondatore blend has a recognisable taste that instils confidence in those who choose it. Bin Caffè also aims to meet consumer expectations for home-brewed coffee, which has been growing strongly in the last two years.

“The historical period we are going through has motivated us to revise and integrate the business models we have undertaken so far,” says Alessandro Bianchin, CEO of Bin Caffè. “The consumer demands an increasingly careful selection of coffee beans even at home and looks for authentic flavours. The increase in sales of automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines is proof of this.

The journey of innovation will therefore begin with a tribute to Natale Bianchin, who in 1954 dedicated his roasting skills to starting the loose coffee business in Montebelluna and gave rise to a success story that reaches the present day. A simple but essential packaging reproduces the stylised figure of the Founder: an authentic portrait dating back to 1948 that evokes the flavours of tradition. A sort of ‘return to it’s roots’ for a customer in search of genuineness and who rediscovers in the taste of coffee the values handed down in its territory.

Bin Caffè is a proudly recognised leader of coffee roasting in the Veneto region, thanks to its precious heritage of knowledge and quality consolidated over almost 70 years of experience in coffee selection, roasting and blending.

Under the leadership of Alessandro Bianchin, the brand devotes its fullest attention to the respect of the customer and of the territories of high-quality certified single-origin coffees, to coffee research and to the adaptation of roasting curves. This allows the company to always obtain coffee of excellence in profile, taste and aroma.