Bin Caffè relaunches V60 Filter Coffee
training course for professional baristas

From today, the new Caffè Filtro V60 will be available to taste in Bin Caffè and Manifattura Italiana del Caffè coffee shops. Rich in aroma, the drink is winning over lovers of fine single-origins and passionate professional baristas, to whom the new training course is dedicated. 

Warm, enveloping and aromatic, like an age-old recipe ideal for Christmas. The innovative journey continues for Bin Caffè in offering new concepts to today’s market: among the latest proposals from the roasting company, active in the sector since 1954, is the new formula for Filter Coffee V60. 

Bin’s interpretation is expressed in the careful study of the origin of the coffee, specially selected and roasted to bring out to the fullest its flavours through precise extraction techniques. 

V60 is the most popular filter coffee preparation method among professional baristas who are passionate about fine coffees. Superior quality beans and a more refined aromatic texture are the result of a careful study of varieties, processing, coffee sources and perfect roasting. 

The Treviso-based company has thus developed a product under the artisanal Manifattura Italiana del Caffè brand, aimed at gourmet production and destined for the top coffee shops and restaurants. 

Available in 350-gram packs, it is an ideal option for baristas who strive for excellence and they can even now learn to prepare V60 by following the free training courses offered to Bin Caffè customers. 

The seminar will illustrate the extraction method suitable for creating a balanced and richly aromatic solution, based on the pour over technique. This method consists of pouring water directly over the coffee powder. It is versatile preparation that allows you to adjust the taste according to your preferences.

The greatest advantage of the V60 is the balance and clear flavour that can develop in the cup,’ says Alex Maronese, Customer Training Officer at Bin Caffè. ‘Filter coffee is an ideal drink for cold months and easy to prepare. It allows the barista to interact with the consumer and enrich the tasting experience through interesting notes. But above all, it can be paired with other specialities such as a pastries.

To make V60 Filter Coffee, the result of a very precise technique and requiring special tools, Bin Caffè offers baristas the composition kit. Paper filters, the SERVER, the glass pitcher holding the beverage, the DRIPPER and the V60 glass, where the coffee extraction takes place, are all necessary for this technique. 


From a small family-run artisanal workshop opened in 1954 to a modern, cutting-edge company, Bin Caffè has won not only the trust of consumers but also the loyalty of traditional and modern coffee shops in Treviso and the Veneto region. Knowing how to understand the environment, interpret its spirit and bring to life the taste of modernity with the utmost respect represents our mode of operation. Our aim is the constant and innovative search for excellence to promote a coffee born from the perfect combination of experimentation and attention to detail.