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The Education Hall


The company has created an innovative training service for its clients. There are two courses held in the factory.

They are held in a room which reproduces a real bar-cafeteria so that even a complete beginner can feel at ease and use the tools of his future job.

The courses are dedicated to one or more client with the goal of making them more efficient and it is possible to personalise the content.

The meetings are principally designed for the practical side of the job, they permit to learn and perfect the techniques of coffee making and to learn how to prepare a menu' cafeteria.

It is possible to learn how to use the tools and even how to make a perfect foam for the cappuccino with all the decorations on top.


- how to use and maintain the gear

- how to make an excellent espresso

- how to foam milk


- cappuccino classico italian style

- “ciocco art”

- “latte art”

- “how to create a cafeteria menu'”


For infos: f.montirosso@bincaffè.it