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The company

To be found in Signoressa of Trevignano, Bin Caffe' SPA is one of the best renowned coffee roasting houses of the entire region. The size of the Azienda is the result of the development of the last ten years Years that have bee of great importance both in the commercial and technical area.

The production process is completely automatic and managed by informatics system of the latest generation.

The green coffee beans are bought in Brasil and various countries in Central America and is then shipped to the harbours of Trieste and Genova.

The purchase of the beans happens after numerous tastings in order to choose the one perfect for the shipment.

Once arrived at the factory the coffee is tested again in order to choose the one perfect to work with.Once the characteristics of the bean has been determined it is possible to move on to roasting and to prepare the different mixtures.

At the end of the process is the packaging. A unidirectional valve is inserted on the packages in order for the carbon dioxide to leave and to prevent fresh oxygen to enter which would be responsible for the oxidisation of fats and therefore for the product to be ruined.

Distribution happens thanks to the well trained employees of the accounting area which provides the produce to be distributed to our clients.

In these last years we have been able to create a unique mixture called "Diamante" with 4 different declinations of flavours: Classic, light, Mild, Strong for even the most difficult clients.

Always attent to the continuous market evolution we provide marketing material for the professional barman.

Our mission is to be as ethical as we can and to provide products and innovative services always aiming to the highest quality.

These objectives are reachable only with devotion, constancy, humbleness and professionalism, gifts that all of our employees have.

To them it goes my moved thoughts thinking of this adventure that we embraced together.