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Tasting - The Shop

Tasting-The shop

Today just like yesterday the tasting at Bin Caffe' in via Partigiani in Montebelluna withholds the soul of the founder. In an historical and elegant setting the client is welcomed by qualified and kind staff.

At the entrance is already perceptible and atmosphere which holds quality, kindness and a reserved spirit.

Always impregnated by the aroma of just roasted coffee we find a selection of sweets of the best producers.

It is to be found a die selection of coffees to be drunk either standing at the bar or sitting at the tables.

It is also possible to drink a tea choosing from the generous selection and herbal teas of the best quality, aiming to satisfy even the most difficult of clients.

Only at our bar it is possible to taste the chocolate with whipped cream prepared following the ancient recipe of Natale Bianchin.