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“…… my father, to whom I own my professional and life education” 



The 31st of August 1954 my father, following his father's will, moved from Cornuda to Montebelluna in order to open a bar without an alcohol licence.

 In this gay the adventure of my father was born, Natale Bianchin young 24 years old, lover of classical music and of art.

In those years it was unfrequent to find a bar without alcohol licence, as the clientele was for the most part of men.

There were a few objectives difficulties at the beginning. The quality of things offered was not enough to guarantee enough work to make a living out of it.

It was necessary to give some extra value to at least one produce. It was in this way that he ended up thinking at the King of the colonials: coffee.

As my father confided me this change in quality started to make women gravitate around the place. Women did find in the "Casa del Caffe'" a place for socialising without being criticised. As alcohol was not served it made it ok for women to hung out there.

In 1962 Natale married Luisa, fremo Onigo di Pederobba. She immediately started working with him. She was managing the Caffe' and she still does today.

Given the success they did think of selling the coffee to other bars in the area.

Natale started selling the coffee, paying regular visits to the surroundings establishments. It is then than a logo was created using the initials of Natale's name and surname. In the following years, with great amount of work, the production of coffee started to be of great importance.

Today the Azienda shines in the territory of the Tre Venezie as a leader one for quality and services.
The coffe is bought in the countries of origin, mainly south americans and central americans. After many tastings the ones to be bought and roasted are selected.

Particular attention is given to the mixes, which are tested in labs in order to make sure that the best qualities are preserved.

Particular attention is given to distribution and to the various services offered to the cliente of the bar area. This daily dedication is mine and of all the people working with me, it is the most beautiful expression of individual motivation, finalised to the client satisfaction.  

Alessandro Bianchin